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The Kerala Moments Team will help you create your very own special tour. Our personal knowledge and experience in the region will help you create an itinerary that ticks all your boxes, and will provide an experience you’ll never forget!

Personal Driver

With all of our tours you have your own private personal driver with luxury transport, throughout your entire stay. There will be no crowded bus tours or strict timetables when you travel with Kerala Moments, this is your vacation and your agenda. So sit back and relax in air-conditioned heaven while your driver/ tour guide transports you safely to your destinations. ‘Driver was an invaluable part of the trip’ (Couple travelling through Kerala, 2015.)

7 Night Budget Tour

A 7 night budget tour of Kerala.


11 Night Budget Tour

11 Night Budget Tour of Kerala


Family Trip through Kerala

This family trip through Kerala has something for everyone


Yolo Tour

Budget tour for the adventurous traveller


Rustic Marigold Holiday

Based on the popular movie and tv series, the rustic Marigold Hotel holiday is aimed towards long term holiday-makers who wish to live like the locals.


Day Tours


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