Kerala Moments have carefully selected our accommodation to enhance your Kerala experience throughout your holiday.  We visit and personally know the management teams and can offer in depth advice to assist you in choosing the right accommodation. 

Kerala House Boats

The most well-known and exciting accommodation option is to take a tour on a houseboat and enjoy a peaceful adventure through the various backwaters and lakes of the area; travelling at a leisurely pace you will cover about 25 miles a day with various route options available.  The houseboats vary from basic to fully air conditioned luxury, so there will be a houseboat to fit most budgets.  Just sit back and watch the majestic scenery pass by whilst indulging in deliciously prepared meals followed by a peaceful night on the water.

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Tree House

For something a bit different you can stay in a Tree House or Erumadam as they are called locally.  Most have been constructed using eco-friendly materials with the live tree integral to the build and you can enjoy elevated views from your balcony of the surrounding natural habitat.  You can choose the type of tree house to fit your taste from naturally rustic to 5* luxury whatever your taste you will never forget your nights in the trees.

Beach Resorts

Whether you are looking for a complete chill out holiday and not planning to leave the hotel complex, or if you are looking for a few days to gather your thoughts after a tour of Kerala and beyond there will be a beach resort to meet your needs.  Mainly set on palm fringed beaches on the Keralan coast line you will find resorts that cater for all from high end complexes with all of the luxury you would expect to resorts that cater for backpackers on their Indian adventure. Whatever you are looking for there will be a resort just right for you.

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Guest Houses/ Home Stays

If you want to get even closer to the real Kerala, a Guest House or Homestay may be the choice for you, these are normally a budget friendly option in small hotels or guest houses.  The facilities vary but normally you can expect a clean basic room and a warm welcome.

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