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Festivals and Traditions

Kerala is renowned for its celebrations and traditions. It is certainly worth coinciding your trip of a lifetime to Kerala with one of the many popular events they have.  Here’s some more information on Kerala’s Festivals and Traditions.

Bespoke tours of Kerala


Kerala is known for the holistic practice of Ayurveda; you can choose to centre your trip on a Ayurvedic experience and we are happy to advise on how to do this.


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Scenery in Kerala

Kerala is on the southern tip of India is stunning and diverse, from the beautiful rugged beaches you can travel through the unique natural backwaters surrounded by lush greenery and the ever present coconut trees. Travel through the foothills and planes of the Western Ghats and upward to where you will find the cooler temperatures and the tea plantations that sprawl across the hills,  this area is also home to large waterfalls and fast flowing rivers. The rainforest eco region has magnificent flora and fauna, you can travel through the local villages with their unique characteristics to the bustling towns and cities.  Kerala has so much to offer, beautiful, vibrant and lush with scenery that will take your breath away.

Beautiful Beaches of Kerala

Kerala beaches are amongst the best in India.  Some of the beaches remain relatively deserted whilst others offer bustling activity.  You can watch the fisherman preparing their boats and nets, relax on the beautiful beaches and take in the scenery around you, or join in the beach activities.

Accommodation in Kerala

Kerala Moments have carefully selected our accommodation advice to enhance your Kerala experience throughout your Indian holiday.  We visit and personally know the management teams and can offer in depth advice to assist you in choosing the right accommodation. Here’s some more information on Kerala Accommodation.

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