Children of Kerala

A Charity helping to improve the lives of the Orphans and Children of Kerala
Registered Charity No. 1113127

Founded in 2006 by Elaine Craven, the Children of Kerala is a charity run by Elaine to sponsor children and much-needed projects in Kerala. As well as being a very beautiful, scenic part of India, Kerala, really touched Elaine’s heart and she immersed herself in the community of Kerala.

Working closely with the Rotary clubs here are just some of the projects to date:

  • Sponsorship of children
  • Sewing machines
  • Water wells
  • Goat project
  • Improvement to facilities in homes, hospices
  • Provision of educational equipment for SEN schools
  • Hearing aids for deaf students

The installation of Wells has enabled over 60,000 people to have a source of clean, unpolluted water. This simple act can affect the whole wellbeing and health of a village – no longer do Mothers need to walk over 20km just to provide drinking water for their families on a daily basis. Life threatening epidemics carried in polluted water no longer devastate whole communities.

The inauguration of a much needed generator for the orphanage looking after babies and young children born with terrible terminal deformities in the most distressing surroundings. This enables the Nuns to provide the love, care and attention that these children need without the worry of losing their power supply or clean water.

80 sewing machines have been purchased enabling families to earn income and training centres have been opened to train and assist the girls. Each group were provided with training in the art of sewing, manufacturing garments and marketing the finished product. Each group will then take off as a viable unit that will empower these women to be financially self-reliant after learning a new skill and avoid having to resort to prostitution to feed their families.

Other worthwhile projects include the provision of prosthesis to those who are disabled or who have lost their limbs through an accident. Also the continued water well project providing installation of wells enabling over 60,000 people to have a source of clean, unpolluted water.

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