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Posted by Kerala Moments on February 18, 2019

A Year in Kerala.

Kerala is a tropical paradise and  has two distinct seasons and climates, this makes a year in Kerala diverse.  The summer brings the rains promoting the lush greenery that Kerala is famed for.  The Winter months are dry with a cooler more temperate climate.  Both seasons offer great opportunities, the  information below will  help you decide what would be a good time for you to visit Kerala.

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October – March

This is high season for tourists to visit Kerala,   the weather is hot but the humidity lower than in the rainy season. Relaxing on a beach or  swimming in the warm Arabian sea will be one of the highlights.   For nature lovers  the Eravikulam National Park in February and March is stunning when  the Neelakurinji plant comes into bloom.  Visit  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary  during November to February  for a bird watchers paradise.  Head to the hills as December to February is the best time to visit the plantations and tea stations to enjoy the cooler fresh air.

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April – September

This is the time of the South-West monsoon that  brings with it its own natural beauty.  With  not so many tourists around  it is a quieter time to explore Kerala.  You will still have dry days but the rains when they come will be heavy.  This is still a magical time to visit Kerala,  the  Athirapally Falls in full flood are a spectacular display of the power of nature.  The famous snake boat races take place on the backwaters of Kerala during July to September with the decorated snake boats battling for victory.   Monsoon time is also a wonderful time to discover  the benefits of therapeutic  Ayurveda treatments, these are age old massage and relaxation  treatments bringing well being to refresh the body and soul.

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   A year in Kerala will see many  changes in both the climate and the beauty this amazing Indian state.  Choose the time that suits you best  and  embrace the experiences that a holiday in Kerala has to offer.

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