Why Take a Winter Break?

Posted by Kerala Moments on September 15, 2022

Winter Breaks

Travelling to destinations during the winter months can be the most affordable way to travel. During the off-season travel period there is very few tourists out exploring the area. Travelling during this time will show you a different side to the country.

Today’s blog covers the perks of off-season travel.

Spend Less and See More!

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The colder months tend to deter most tourists away so there will be less people around. No tourists around means hotels will be desperate to fill their empty rooms… even at a lower price! Spend less on your accommodation and get to know the locals. Its easy to find the best deals, especially when you travel closer to home and bag yourself bargain flight deal.

Unique Winter Experiences

The winter months offer unique experiences that can’t be experienced at any other time in the year. For example, in Iceland you can enjoy the hot springs and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights! Experience other corners of the world in a different light with scenic winter views.

Christmas Markets

Need we say more!? Christmas Markets are a great way to get into the festive spirit! Towards the end of the year, cities across Europe are decorated with festive decorations and filled with delicious smells as Christmas Markets pop up. The perfect time to buy presents and indulge in delicious treats.

Winter Sports

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Forget Tennis courts, its time for snow! There are many seasonal sports that you can delve into or even try for the first time. Hit the alpes and go snowboarding or skiing! You don’t have to be experienced as most resorts offer lessons and equipment. Wrap up warm and experience the beauty of the snowy mountains!


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