What’s your Ice Cream Flavour?

Posted by Kerala Moments on June 29, 2018

Sunday 1st July marks National Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day!

With the fabulously hot weather forecast for the next few weeks we couldn’t help but turn our attention to ice cream, the most refreshing snack available when you’re out in the sun!

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This national day is specifically to celebrate weird and wonderful flavour creations that have been invented. When we started looking up some of the things that ice cream parlours worldwide have some up with, it blew our minds! Far away from the strawberry and mint choc-chip options that we go for! Here are a few wacky, yet well worth a try (in our opinion!) creations available…

Breakfast in Bed

Invented by a famous American ice cream parlour, this concoction involves a vanilla base with egg yolks, maple syrup and bacon.

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Garlic Flavour

Perfect for garlic lovers, this ice cream is flavoured with a drizzle of honey to bring out the natural sweetness of the garlic. It is often served as a sauce alongside main meals like steak.

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Popcorn Flavour

Creamy and delicious, this sweet ice cream made with popcorn and caramel may seem a bit strange. However, with crunchy popcorn loaded on top, we think it is a sensation!

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Olive Oil Flavour

This is certainly not a traditional flavour, but one that is growing in popularity. With a very subtle taste of olive oil and a hint of saltiness, its well worth a try!

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Beer Flavour

Perhaps a good one to enjoy as you relax in the sun after watching an important World Cup game? We are intrigued to try this one!

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The options are endless – there are some crazy flavours about. It seems that you can make almost anything an ice cream flavour, from spicy buffalo wings to mashed potato!! So next time you’re in the mood for a cooling treat, will you go for plain old vanilla, or are you tempted to try something new?

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Whatever you choose, don’t forget to load it with toppings…

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