Visiting Kerala in your golden years!

Posted by Kerala Moments on February 24, 2020

Your golden years are reputed to be the best years of your life; you will have reached a time in your life when you can afford to put yourself first, you will at long last have more free time and hopefully some money to indulge yourself. These years will open up the world and allow you to discover and enjoy places you perhaps dreamt of.

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We at Kerala Moments can make those dreams come true! What better way to spend your time than travelling the world. Travelling further afield to an unfamiliar culture may be daunting, so we understand that you may have reservations about travelling all the way to India. However at Kerala Moments, we believe that Kerala is the perfect destination for you to visit and we are going to tell you exactly why!

Kerala is amazing and so different from the rest of India

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When we think of travelling to India the word relaxing is not a word that immediately springs to mind. We think of manic traffic filled roads, noise, hustle and bustle and packed tourists attractions. This is certainly the case for particular parts of India but it is definitely not the case for Kerala. In Kerala, the traditional local lifestyle still exists, making it the perfect destination to visit if you want to experience traditional Indian culture. Visiting Kerala enables you to experience the tranquillity of meandering along the waterways on your own private houseboat, watching the fisherman bring in their catch at sunset, wandering through the picturesque tea plantations and so much more….

How about a homestay with a lovely family, learning to cook local dishes? Or perhaps in a fabulous hotel next to the beautiful sea? Kerala is not packed with tourists and instead of the commotion of New Delhi you will enjoy a relaxed and tranquil holiday. 

Imagine having the opportunity to travel at your own pace…

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What is brilliant about Kerala is that you can experience the lifestyle, culture and food at your own pace. Having your own private driver will allow you to visit places off the beaten track, observe magnificent wildlife, and to stop at your convenience to take those much kept photographs of your holiday of a life time.

If you want an active holiday, great! But if that’s not for you there are many activities that you can take part in. What about a cooking class, a tea tasting tour, or even taking a jeep ride through the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary? Kerala offers an abundance of excitement for you whatever your interests and capabilities are.

You get to travel in the off season

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Travelling off peak is not possible for everyone; if you are not restricted by employment then you have the opportunity to visit India at a quieter time. Not only will you see a different side to the country, but your travel costs will be considerably less. Hotels, flights and potentially activities will charge less as they are quieter. However, do not fear… off season travel does not mean that the weather will not be great as Kerala has a climate that is warm all year round!

You do not want to miss out on the serenity of Kerala!

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Kerala is such an amazing part of India. Known as God’s country, Kerala offers tranquillity which is far away from the commotion of New Delhi and Mumbai. Kerala is rich in natural heritage. It has a stunning landscape and everywhere you look is filled with break-taking natural beauty. It has even been named one of the ten paradises of the world by Nat Geo’s ‘Traveller’ magazine.  This in itself is an excellent reason to visit Kerala, never mind all the other wonderful cultural experiences that are just waiting to be discovered by you!

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you have heard about the beautiful state of Kerala, make this a bucket list wish! Visit our website to explore all of our ranges of bespoke tours we have on offer for you. Whatever your dreams – we will accommodate, we will tailor your tour to suit your individual requirements.


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