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Posted by Kerala Moments on November 21, 2019

What are Travel Guides?

Travel guides are a wealth of knowledge and a pictorial feast to encourage you to visit destinations. It makes you feel like you are close to distant places and it brings countries and areas to life.  They can be as positive or as negative as the original writer makes them. Designed for the use of visitors or tourists they are there to draw you in so you will want to book the chosen destinations.

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Why is travel literature important?

It allows individuals to talk about their experience and express their own personal views.  Tells the reader a story about a country that maybe they’ve never visited before and want to discover.  Gives you a taste of the country and takes its readers on a journey with the writer. It also allows readers to plan their own tours and can help in avoiding making mistakes.

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Where can you find travel literature?

There is an abundance of information on the internet about travelling and travel guides.

However we have compiled a list of the best places we think you should look for your travel information.

Marigold Hotel HolidayBrochures – Originally the go to option for holiday travel but the internet has seen a steady decrease in availability, travel agents do still supply brochures but they are no longer the go to item.

Blogs – Blogs are everywhere these days and full of personal accounts. They cover just about any aspect of travel you are looking for, all you need to do is check the internet

Websites – Now the number one for travel information, what you cannot find is probably not worth knowing from information, reviews, tips and making the all important booking.

Books – There are some really interesting travel books around that you can find on the internet or purchase in your local book shop.  Travel guides are great to have with you when you travel, the maps and tips will help you discover more of the area than you may have discovered yourself.

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