Travel Beauty Hacks

Posted by Kerala Moments on August 8, 2019

Travel Beauty Hacks

It is easy when travelling to get out of your usual beauty routine, so we have put together some travel beauty hacks to keep you looking fabulous during your holidays and save space in your suitcase.

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Water Water Water!

Your number one travel beauty tip is water, and lots of it, especially during flights and in the heat.

Keeping hydrated is vital for your well being and keeping your skin looking fresh and glowing.  You should aim for two litres a day,  this is not always easy but give it a go!


Sun Screen

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Always use sunscreen, stay safe with a minimum factor 15 but for tropical destinations factor 30+ is recommended.  Apply liberally and often, nothing is going to spoil your holiday or your look more than angry red burnt skin.

Tip: Add a small amount of bronzer to your sun cream for a shimmering effect.


Moisturisers & After-sun

After the drying effects of a plane flight and being out in the sun moisturising is vital, use generously and all over, after-sun has added ingredients to cool and take the sting out of any sunburn you may have.

Tip: Before moisturising, use the sand on the beach as a natural exfoliater.



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Your hair will suffer on holiday, protect coloured hair against fading in the sun, use a leave in conditioner during the day to protect against the sun, sea and pool chemicals.

Tip: For natural sun streaked hair add lemon juice to the final rinse.



Be holiday ready, invest in a lash tint before you travel to avoid running mascara in the heat or water.

Tip: Use lip balm on your eyelashes for a healthy natural look.


Make up

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Heavy makeup and hot weather do not work well together, use a tinted moisturiser for a natural holiday look with a dash of bronzer to highlight and make you glow.

Tip: Choose your holiday lipsticks wisely then use them on your lips cheeks and eyelids for your holiday look!



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Avoid heavy perfumes, light floral perfumes work better in the heat.

Tip: If you are prone to mosquito bites avoid scented body creams and perfume as they can attract unwanted attention!


We hope our travel beauty hacks work for you, remember to stay sun safe and always use your sun-screen.

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