Things to do while stuck indoors

Posted by Kerala Moments on April 22, 2020

Being stuck indoors is something we all experience from time to time. Whether it be due to poor weather, illness or a global pandemic, staying indoors is sometime cruical. Although some may enjoy being indoors, when you have no option but to stay inside, it can be quite boring and often challenging. 

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However, when life gives you lemons, you shouldn’t reluctantly eat the lemons, especially without sugar. Make lemonade!! Here at Kerala Moments, we love to travel. However, at this time, we are obviously unable to. Instead of dwelling and dreaming of being able to leave our house and explore, (which we certainly will be able to do in the future), we want to be proactive and we want you to be as well!  We have compiled a list of things to do inside which will prevent you from driving yourself crazy.

Get to the kitchen!

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This is the perfect time to attempt to cook or bake something you have never made before. You can google any recipe in the world and there will be an abundance of different recipes. Cook or bake something that you would never dream of making otherwise. You have a lot of spare time, so have time to put in extra detail. Doing so will give you a sense of achievement and provides you with the knowledge of how to make a delicious but difficult dish for the future! Take a look at our attempt to bake seeded bagels:


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We cannot stress how important exercise is. Especially now that you are not in your usual daily routine, which we are sure involves a lot of walking and moving about. There are plenty of home workouts on Youtube which you can follow for however long or short you like. Moreover, there a plenty apps to help you stay fit. One of our favourites is 7minute workouts!

Learn a new skill

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Whether you have always wanted to learn a language or knitting, or how to do a handstand or even an instrument that is stuck in your loft. The internet is your oyster. You can learn virtually anything from the internet. There is an abundance of tutorials, guides and instructions on how to master basically every skill.


Set yourself a target


If you have always wanted to achieve something, right now is the best time to try and achieve that goal. Being indoors allows you to take some time to figure out what you would like to improve about your lifestyle and creating realistic targets which help you to achieve your goal or improve an aspect of your life. 

Watch a series


Now, I am not suggesting that you take this time to only watch TV, because you will drive yourself crazy if you do. But it is the perfect time to indulge in TV, which you don’t usually have time to watch!


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Just like watching TV, you should take this time to increase your reading time. Try to read paperback books in order to prevent your eyes being glued to screens all day every day. Also if the weather is nice, read outside, you will definitely feel the benefits.

Have a clear out!

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This is the perfect time to sort out your room, or that cupboard which has no order, or your files. Being stuck indoors may start to get on your nerves, so maybe having a sort out or a move around, and creating a new environment will leave you feeling refreshed and like you are in a new space!

Make some plans for post coronavirus


Although none of us know when this is going to end, it is important to make some pencilled plans (which the date isn’t important) in order to help us through this difficult time. This will help us to remain positive about our strange situation and will keep us looking forward to the future.


We hope that you have found this blog useful and are able to keep yourself entertained whilst stuck indoors… 


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