The Seasons of Kerala

Posted by Kerala Moments on January 25, 2023

Seasons in Kerala

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We are always asked; when is the best time to travel? Some people like to avoid the heat and some embrace it.  Unlike the UK, Kerala only has 3 seasons: Summer, Monsoon and Winter. There is no Spring or Autumn season.  Kerala has a slightly different climate to other Indian states. Here is some more information about the seasons in Kerala:


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The height of the Summer season in Kerala is from February to May, with temperatures rising to 35ºC and beyond.  Although there is no Autumn in Kerala, the heat scorches the leaves on the trees causing them to wilt and shed, similar to Autumn leaves.  However, Summers in Kerala do tend to be cooler than the rest of India.


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It generally rains throughout the year in Kerala.  There are two Monsoon seasons: the South West Monsoon in Kerala,  Edavappathi – as the rain starts by the middle of the Malayalam month Edavam.  This is the main rainy season in Kerala and takes place from June to August.  Average rainfall during this monsoon is 2250 – 2500 mm.

North East Monsoon in Kerala, Thulavarsham – as it rains during the Malayalam month of Thulam. This is the retreating or reversing monsoon and takes place in October and November (sometimes lasting until December)


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The Winter Season in Kerala begins towards the end of the northeast monsoons.  Typically from the end of November until the middle of February.  The temperatures are much lower and cooler but otherwise this season does not differ much from the other seasons.  In fact, the Winter season in Kerala has the lowest amount of rainfall.

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