The Importance of Travel Insurance

Posted by Kerala Moments on February 3, 2022

Travel Insurance may not be have been top of the list of purchases for your vacation previously but now it’s more important than ever. Here are some reasons you should prioritise this cost towards your holiday…

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You need to cancel your trip

Unforeseen circumstances can bring an end to your planned trip. What would be worse is that when going through a personal dilemma or trauma you lose a large sum of money too. Purchasing insurance will offer you some peace of mind in the case of a cancellation.

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Natural Disaster

It seems with global warming that natural disasters are becoming more common place throughout the world. As nature is so unpredictable don’t allow this to ruin a trip of lifetime by not having this occurrence covered under your travel insurance.

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Illness or injury

There is nothing worse than feeling unwell during your trip, extreme illness or injury can lead to hospitalisation. In a foreign country their health and medical policies could be completely different to home and in particular outside Europe. Hospital bills could soon start mounting. Make sure you are covered in all instances and concentrate on a full recovery.

Missed Flight

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Flight Cancellation/ missed connection

Although airlines have been forced to step up when it comes to flight cancellations it doesn’t always mean that they offer refunds or reimbursement to cover extra costs involved. Or sometimes it could be your own error that causes you to miss a flight or a connection. A detailed insurance plan should cover these costs.

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Travel company files bankruptcy

All your hard earned money has gone towards the holiday of your dreams and you hear the dreaded news… the travel company has closed down. This is yet another reason why travel insurance is so important, protect your cash. Here at Kerala Moments we also offer added protection with the TTA, guaranteeing that your money is 100% protected.

Also check all details of your insurance policy properly to make sure you are covered on all the scenarios mentioned and in particular that pandemics are covered.

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