The Benefits of Off-Season Travel

Posted by Kerala Moments on August 14, 2019

The benefits of off-season travel

Do you know a really easy way to save money on your holidays every year? Although we always picture a holiday as jet-setting off into sunnier climes, the reality is that off-season travel could get you a better value trip with more opportunity for adventure!

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The ‘off-season’ refers to the time when demand for holidays is at its lowest and this usually means outside of the school summer holidays. In today’s blog post, we’ll be revealing the advantages of travelling off-season – trust us, your wallet will thank you!

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Our biggest tip is to research when exactly the ‘off-season’ is for your chosen destination, as it may vary country to country. Regardless, we believe that travelling in the off-season is enough to get more for less on your next holiday!


Reason #1: Saving money

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Perhaps the most attractive advantage of travelling in the off-season is the amount of money you are likely to save. Travel companies often increase the prices of flights, hotels, and holiday packages during the summer when families tend to book.

Sometimes the increase in price can be shocking: one study found an increase of 126% in the price of a holiday between June and August!


Reason #2: Fewer tourists

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As the off-season is the time when the demand for holidays is lower, you are likely to find that there are fewer tourists when you visit your chosen destination.

This will be great news to anyone who despairs at long queues, huge crowds, or photographers getting in everyone’s way!


Reason #3: A more ‘authentic’ feel

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With less demand on accommodation and local attractions, cheaper prices, and fewer tourists, you are more likely to experience the destination authentically. Experience life as a local without feeling like you’re just living the tourist life.

What better way to see a country than in an off-season? You may see that country from a completely new perspective, just because it’s at a different time of year.


We hope we’ve convinced you to opt to travel in the off-season next time you book a holiday. Happy travelling!

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