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Posted by Kerala Moments on January 31, 2019


Everybody loves to travel and we all want to make it a stress free time whilst we are away from home.  Below we have put together some safe travel hacks that will help to make your time away safer and less stressful.

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Safe Travel Tips

 Take a picture of your passport and documents, this will make life so much easier in the event of loss.

 Pop a tumble dryer sheet into your packed shoes & trainers, your bag will stay smelling fresh.

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Take an empty lip balm stick, roll up your currency notes and hide in the tube.

Use old sun lotion bottles to hide keys and valuables in when you are on the beach.

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In busy cities a small under clothes shoulder bag will discretely keep money and passports safe and close to you.

Roll your clothes when packing for more suitcase room and less creasing.

Pop a couple of wash tablets in your case, better than lots of dirty laundry.

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Make your case stand out from the crowd,  a coloured ribbon will make it easier to pick out on a busy conveyor belt.

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Safe travel includes what you eat and drink, so freeze cola in the ice tray or freeze grapes for safe ice that does not dilute your drink!

Avoid salads and food that has been left on display particularly on hot days .

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Use a pencil or glasses case to keep all of your cables tidy in your suitcase.

Keep your 100ml bottles and reuse over again for your shampoos and shower gels.

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Contact lens cases make great holders for creams and make up when you are on the go and travelling light.


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