Reducing Plastic Use

Posted by Kerala Moments on July 11, 2019

You cannot get through a day without hearing about how we all should be reducing our plastic use. This will be great news for our planet if everyone starts this immediately, right?! The problem has been up until now there’s been little guidance on how to do this.  Here’s some tips…

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We all recycle and thanks to those lovely green bins it’s a natural, weekly task of filling a recycling bin.  Reducing plastic use however is a little different. It’s being more mindful of over use of plastic. We use plastic bottles one time and through them away.  How about refilling water bottles a few times? Or the massive straw movement that has just been seen everywhere.  Have you noticed when you are out that you are now drinking from a paper straw?!!

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It has now become possible to reduce your plastic use with cosmetic bottles (shampoo etc). There are eco shops popping up that allow you to bring your empty bottles and refill in store. Another popular trend now are that soaps are making a return and also shampoo bars. Many larger super markets are even trialing refills of cereals (breakfast, seeds, rice, pasta etc).

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Another new development we are seeing are ‘naked’ fruit. This is fruit sold without any plastic packaging. It really makes us think why did we ever need this packaging in the first place?!

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And, of course, the famous plastic bag. With supermarkets now charging over the last few years it has greatly reduced plastic use. They are planning however to go one step further and trial eradicating the plastic bag altogether.

If you can make even one or two small changes in your daily live it will make a difference towards saving our wonderful planet.

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