Visit An Amazing Kent Castle

Kent Castles.We are very lucky in Kent to have some amazing castles all packed with history.  So find time this...Read more

Five Books to Read

Five Great Reads.Take time out to read a good book, there are come great reads about and whether you are...Read more

Beautiful Springtime Blooms

Springtime Blooms.From early March nature undergoes its springtime magic with buds bursting into bloom on a daily basis.The colourful displays...Read more

Craft Shopping in Kerala|Kerala Moments

Craft Shopping.Part of the charm of Kerala is the unique and diverse nature of the products it produces. As you...Read more

Making Memories|Kerala Moments

Making Memories.We are all making memories  all of the time.Our brains are receiving, processing and organising information without any conscious...Read more

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary|Kerala Moments

Periyar National Wildlife Sanctuary.When you explore Kerala a visit to The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary should be on your to do...Read more

Airport Lost Property |Kerala Moments

Airport Lost Property.Many obscure items find themselves in airport lost property, however, none more so than the recent find in Saudi...Read more

What Is Your Birthstones|Kerala Moments

Birthstones.Birthstones are represented by a different gem stone for every month of the year.The origin of Birthstones can be traced back...Read more

Butterflies of Kerala|Kerala Moments

Butterflies of Kerala."You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly...Read more

Celebrate Pancake Day| Kerala Moments

Pancake Day!Are you prepared with your eggs, flour and milk to make delicious pancakes to celebrate Pancake day?What is your...Read more

Romantic Kerala in Pictures|Kerala Moments

Romantic Kerala.Are you looking for a  honeymoon in India or a romantic get away in Kerala. Kerala has so much to offer.  Idyllic...Read more

Good Nutrition – Good Health |Kerala Moments

Good Nutrition   Nutrition is key to mental and physical health. A balanced diet is vital to good health and no single food will...Read more

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