Celebrate Pancake Day| Kerala Moments

Pancake Day!Are you prepared with your eggs, flour and milk to make delicious pancakes to celebrate Pancake day?What is your...Read more

Romantic Kerala in Pictures|Kerala Moments

Romantic Kerala.Are you looking for a  honeymoon in India or a romantic get away in Kerala. Kerala has so much to offer.  Idyllic...Read more

March-Nutrition Month|Kerala Moments

Good Nutrition Month March is National Nutrition Month, Nutrition is key to mental and physical health. A balanced diet is vital to good health...Read more

Getting The Best Flight Deals|Kerala Moments

At Kerala Moments we work with you to create individual and bespoke tours around Kerala.  This gives you the opportunity to...Read more

Delicious Street Food|Kerala Moments

Street Food Street food has been around since the 19th century and has become very popular in towns and cities around...Read more

Discovering Solo Travel|Kerala Moments

Solo Travel - A Growth Industry.Solo Travel is one of the travel industries growth areas.More of us are packing our...Read more

Most Unusual Pets|Kerala Moments

Unusual Pets.Pets become part of the family, some people look to keep the strangest and most exotic of pets rather...Read more

A Year In Kerala|Kerala Moments

A Year in Kerala.Kerala is a tropical paradise and  has two distinct seasons and climates, this makes a year in...Read more

Drink Wine Day|Kerala Moments

It is  Drink Wine Day, but do we really we need a reason to drink a glass of our favorite tipple?Drink...Read more

Love Chocolate|Kerala Moments

 Love Chocolate.What is it that makes us love chocolate in whatever form it comes in?Chocolate can be so irresistible and...Read more

Finding Happiness| Kerala Moments

Happiness The dictionary definition of happiness as being fortunate, cheerful, lucky, and expressing joy. Everybody will have different requirements and expectations as to what makes...Read more

Kerala in Pictures|Kerala Moments

Kerala in PicturesKerala is diverse in it's landscapes and culture.    Famous for it's beaches and waterways but Kerala has so much...Read more

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