Explore the Tropical Rainforests of Wayanad

The region of Wayanad in north west Kerala is home to a spectacular expanse of rainforest. Ideal for those with...Read more

An Introduction to Enchanting Kerala

Kerala: Something for everyone, impossible not to love! From dazzling sandy beaches to striking mountains, from the calm maze of backwaters...Read more

Tour of the Temples in Tamil Nadu

Whilst in South India, we urge you to visit some of the incredible temples standing proudly throughout Tamil Nadu. Known...Read more

5 Stages of Missing a Flight

Missing a FlightOne of the worst fears of travelling has happened.... you've missed your flight... here are the 5 stages you go...Read more

Holiday Planning 2018

Holiday Planning 2018Many of us are tempted to wait until the January sales to book our holidays but is booking...Read more

Explore the Backwaters on a luxury houseboat

When planning your perfect tour of Kerala, the vast array of wonderful things to see and do will leave you...Read more

Did You Know?… Kerala Facts

Kerala FactsYou've booked your holiday to Kerala for the first time and are prepared for the travelling and the clothing you...Read more

Guy Fawkes 2017

Remember, Remember the 5th November....This Sunday (and the few days surrounding it), the skies will be lit with multicoloured fireworks...Read more

Traditional Clothing of Kerala

Traditional KeralaTravellers going to Kerala may want to immerse themselves in the culture there and dress themselves in the traditional clothing that Keralans wear. ...Read more

Halloween Half Term

Halloween Half TermIt's that time of the year again, the leaves are falling and it's getting closer to Halloween!  Half term...Read more

Private Driver in India

Why should you use a private driver in India?In India it's not advised to drive a vehicle yourself and when...Read more

Mother Nature at her Fiercest

Mother NatureThe catastrophic storms that have hit the world lately have caused devastation over the last few months.  Mother Nature's...Read more

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