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Posted by Kerala Moments on April 15, 2021

In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”  – Rachel Carson

The story the beaches of Kerala tell is one of beauty and eternal calm. Each grain of sand on the Kerala Coast speaks of the paradise of “God’s own country”, speaks of the rolling waves and speaks of the shores fringed with coconut trees. Each grain of sand speaks the story of villages and towns where the land meets the sea and where fishing and sailing are as much a way of life as sunbathing and swimming.

Upon the beaches of Kerala these grains of powdery sand slip between your toes as you walk along the unending golden beaches and like this sand “the story of the earth” escapes you – the charm of your surroundings is overwhelming, beyond words. In the light of sunset the beaches of Kerala glow crimson and orange until they slip into the velvety indigos of night. Even the end of a day is a magical event upon these shores. When the entirety of the Kerala coast is this stunning it can be hard to decide which seaside getaways to include in your India itinerary but have no fear – we have gathered together some our favourite beaches in the area to make that decision a little easier.

1.  Varkala Beach

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If you need to step away from it all and really chill out then this is the place to do it. The ambience is blissfully tranquil and the golden sands aren’t yet a crowded tourist trap. The cliffs that line the shoreline are dotted with beach huts and small hotels that overlook the sea. Besides being the perfect place to take a break this beach also makes for a fantastic Honeymoon destination and is becoming more and more popular with young couples.


2. Cherai Beach

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Cherai beach is the perfect place for anyone who likes to keep themselves busy. Whether you want to cool off and go swimming, watch for dolphins on the horizon or take a stroll through coconut groves this beach has it all. Furthermore, there is a Portuguese Fort nearby and the Pallipuram church is worth a visit.


3. Kannur Beach

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This beach town plays host to strange masked spirit-possession theyyam rituals while also being famous for its hand loom weaving so it is nothing if not a microcosm of Kerala’s diversity. These beaches are secluded and have an exclusive, undiscovered feel so the seaside itself is a great place to unwind. If you want to experience the drive of a lifetime then we advise you take a trip to Muzhappilangad Drive-In Beach where you can drive along 4km of sand.


4. Vizhinjam Beach

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If fishing is your thing then Vizhinjam is the place for you. Every morning at dawn the villagers set off into the horizon to harvest the daily catch – this beach is a lot less touristy than Kovalam. Vizhinjam is also a wonderful place to visit with children as there is an aquarium in the town which contains everything from sharks to turtles.


5. Marari Beach

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The serene palm trees that fringe Marari beach give the locale a real sense of the tropical. The resorts around this area specialise in Ayurveda treatments and yoga classes. Another advantage of a stay in this seaside town is the proximity to Alleppey – the gateway to the Kerala Backwaters. This means that houseboat cruises are within reach of this beach getaway.


6. Alleppey Beach

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One of the draws of the beach at Alleppey is this extraordinarily photogenic old pier which is 137 years of age. Beyond this pier (and the handy access to the backwater region) there is also a lighthouse and a beach park which continually enchant tourists. Alleppey is the perfect place to catch a sunset and embrace the romance of India.

So that was our list of some of our favourite beaches in Kerala – do you agree with our choices?

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