Mummy at Maidstone Museum!

Posted by Kerala Moments on June 7, 2018

An ancient Mummy in our local museum…

Here at Kerala Moments we love a bit of history, and we have been fascinated by the collections at our local museum in Maidstone (just around the corner from our office!)

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Maidstone Museum has always had wonderful displays and is well worth a visit. Entry is completely free making it a fun and educational activity for the whole family. In July 2016 the museum received a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to embark on a re-display of artifacts, and as part of this the new ‘Ancient Lives’ gallery opened in October 2017. We think it is incredible.

The Lady of the House…

Our favorite piece without a doubt is ‘Ta-Kush’ or ‘The Lady of the House’. Currently the only adult human Mummy in Kent, it is thought to be 2700 years old.

We were especially interested to learn that as part of the re-display, the Museum worked with our local KIMS hospital to conduct a full body scan on this Mummy. Then, with the assistance of FaceLab at Liverpool University they put together a facial reconstruction. This helped determine what ‘Ta-Kush’ would have looked like when she was alive. You can see all the results on display now at Maidstone Museum – amazing!

Whilst scanning the adult Mummy, Maidstone museum sent a few other pieces for scanning at KIMS hospital. One of them was thought to be a mummified Hawk, but once scanned it was confirmed to be a human baby. It is thought to possibly be the youngest ever human Mummy discovered in the world!

What is a Mummy?

A mummy is a deceased human or animal who has been preserved and wrapped in many layers of linen cloth. It was done because the ancient Egyptians believed that when someone died, their soul left their body. However, it would then return and be reunited with the body after it was buried. Preserving the body with mummification allowed the soul to recognize the body. Mummies of very important humans were then decorated in elaborate coffins, as shown below:.

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So next time you are in Maidstone and have some time to spare, why not visit Maidstone museum to find out more. It is open 6 days a week between April to October.



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