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Posted by Kerala Moments on December 22, 2021

Kerala offers an abundance of sites to see and places to visit, but we are here to tell you why an essential part of your Kerala ‘to-do list’ will be to visit Kumbalangi village.


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With a population of approximately 40,000, this fishing hamlet allows its visitors to experience the first ever tourism village in Kerala!


View the famous Chinese fishing nets

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A visit to Kumbalangi Village would not be complete without viewing the famous Chinese fishing nets. The main occupation of the residents of Kumbalangi is fishing. The magnificent and intricate design of their fishing nets lets tourists see the unique way that the Kumbalangi fishermen make their income. So when you visit Kumbalangi village, make sure you do not miss out on the beauty of the Chinese fishing nets.


View the Kochi backwaters that back on to Kumbalangi

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Travelling to Kumbalangi Village is an experience in itself! Kumbalangi Village is an island, however, it is easily accessible by car.  Kerala Moments offers day tours to visit Kumbalangi Village. The day tour includes collection by your private chauffeur from your hotel and comfortable transport to (and from) Kumbalangi Village. So, sit back and relax whilst you enjoy your journey and the beauty of the Kochi backwaters.


Experience an authentic Keralan day

Kumbalangi village remains a rural village with a respectively small population. For this reason, the village offers endless natural delights. Village life still persists here, therefore tourists can experience the local way of life in Kerala.


Be a part of ecotourism!

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Kumbalangi is Kerala’s first ever designated eco-tourism village. In 2003, the Kumbalangi project transformed this small underdeveloped island into a thriving model tourism village. As a result, the increased tourism has enabled its residents to create a sustainable way of life. The island now contains a number of home-stays, which further benefits the locals! Ecotourism has allowed this fishing village to flourish, whilst providing tourists with a genuine experience of Kerala.

So when planning your trip to Kerala, make sure you visit Kumbalangi village to experience an authentically beautiful village.


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