How pets can help us through uncertain times

Posted by Kerala Moments on April 2, 2020

Across the globe, people are staying at home in order to protect themselves and others from contracting coronavirus. This period of self-isolation is like nothing we have eve experienced before and is going to prove easier for some than others.

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One of the things getting us through our social isolation is our pets. Pets have always been a big emotional support for humans throughout difficult times. So if you have a pet and are struggling to stay sane whilst staying at home, we are going to show you how your pets can help you through this time of uncertainty!

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Your pet can improve your health

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Of course, having a pet means you have to wake up bright and early in order to let them out, feed them and just to be attentive to their every need. Waking up and starting your day early has proven to have many positive effects on the mental and physical health of individuals. Moreover, if you have a dog, you will need to be taking them for lots of walks. Your dog is the perfect personal trainer as he or she will most likely be able to keep running for longer than you will, motivating you to keep on going! Overall, pets can encourage playfulness and exercise, which in turn will improve your cardiovascular health.

What better company!

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Pets are undoubtedly amazing company. Just showing your pet love and attention can improve your mood dramatically. Spending time with your pet can also reduce anxiety that you may feel in uncertain situations, which may be your saving grace if you are not able to see family members at this time.

Pets will almost definitely distract you if you are working at home!

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If you have a pet and are working at home, you have purchased a one way ticket to distraction. But that’s ok! Any time of uncertainty can be challenging. Your pet is the best companion to help you get through this crisis. It is quite refreshing that your pet has no idea what is going on, and thus has not got a worry or care in the world. Being surrounded by this positivity will have an incredible impact on your mood and happiness without you even realising. So, although you need to make sure you are effectively working from home, do not worry if you get distracted by your furry friend every now and then.

We hope that this blog has shown you the importance of your pet during an uncertain or rough time. If you do not have a pet, we recommend you to search online for cute videos – this is almost as good as the real thing!


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