How NOT to Travel

Posted by Kerala Moments on September 4, 2019

How NOT to travel

Travel expands our minds and fills our souls, so when we are planning those precious times away, it’s always good to make sure you get it right. To ensure a magical (and not disastrous!) trip, here are some of our thoughts on how not to travel to avoid catastrophes. 

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 DO NOT leave everything to the last minute. Running through the airport is a very stressful start to your break!

DO NOT forget to order your currency before you go. It will cost you dearly at the airport!

DO NOT forget your travel documents. Forgetting your passport will leave you stranded!

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 DO NOT over-pack. We’ve all experienced this: you lug your heavy over-packed cases to your destination and then haul all that clean unworn clothing back home again! Sort and discard at least twice before you finalise your packing list!

DO NOT disrespect the cultures and laws of the country you are visiting – a foreign jail is not where you want your travels to end! Always make sure to do your research on where you’re visiting and to listen to any tour guides or locals for their advice on this topic.

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DO NOT carry anything for somebody else however plausible they sound or however amazing the deal they are offering you sounds. This is often a ploy used by smugglers and airports are very wise to it. If you are caught involved in smuggling, it could change your life forever!

DO NOT look like a tourist when out and about in the city. You’ll be a sure target for any pickpockets. The best way to stay safe is to fit into your surroundings, keep your valuables hidden and don’t flash your cash!

DO NOT travel without insurance. While it may save you ££s before you go, having no insurance is very risky if something goes wrong. Top tip: make sure that your travel insurance covers repatriation if you need to be transferred back home for treatment.

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DO NOT drink too much. We all like to indulge on holiday and we encourage it too! However, be careful with alcohol and foods that may be new to you. Many holiday accidents involve drink and holiday illnesses can involve not taking care of what you eat. Remember you are in a new location and you should stay vigilant. Always stay safe and healthy!

Finally, DO NOT be irresponsible towards others, your surroundings, or to yourself.

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Stay safe and be happy!

We hope our guide on how NOT to travel helps you have a safe and enjoyable adventure.



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