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Posted by Kerala Moments on February 28, 2019

At Kerala Moments we work with you to create individual and bespoke tours around Kerala.  This gives you the opportunity to find great flight deals when booking your flights.

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Find the flight deals

Check out the airlines pricing policy.  Budget airline prices normally start low so book as early as possible.

Most schedule flights start higher then drop only to start increasing again as the flight date gets closer.

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Set price alerts on flight comparison sights for regular updates on flight deals, this is a great way to monitor the fluctuations in prices.

Be flexible on travel dates and times of flights.

A day earlier or later could save you pounds.  Flying earlier or later the same day can also offer big savings.

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If you are travelling long haul, booking a indirect flight will save money against direct flights.

Consider budget airlines, but check what’s included in the price.  Baggage, meals and seat charges can sometime make a budget airline more expensive than a schedule flight.

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Consider your comfort, when you are on a ten hour flight that couple of inches of extra leg room can make all the difference.

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Check out Airline Websites for special offers and sales, most airlines will have January and Summer sales.

Loyalty to an airline can give you some great benefits.  If you travel frequently this is something you should certainly be considering.

So whatever your destination there will be choices to be made and deals to be had.

By spending a little bit of time investigating routes and prices you could save yourself many £££’s.

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