Finding Your Happy Place

Posted by Kerala Moments on August 6, 2020

Finding Your Happy Place

Most of us have a happy place, it could be our home, a busy shopping centre or a quiet beach.   A friend’s happy place was a large rock in Central Park, New York.  A place she visited whenever she could, she would just sit on this rock, people watch and read a book.

Finding and visiting your happy place can give us pleasure.  The freedom to lose ourselves in the moment, and time to reflect.

Your happy place does not always have to be a physical place.  It can be being around certain people or items that give you a feeling of wellbeing.

So where are some of the most common happy places to be found?

Travel and holidays are high on the list of places to find your “happy” mostly we are relaxed and with people we care for.  When we are away so it is easy to see how we can find our place and why so many people return year after year to the same area of the world, it is where they want to be.

Physical Activity releases endorphins, which are attributed to feelings of happiness and giving a feeling of euphoria.  So it is not surprising that many people find the gym their happy place.

From the Past. Take yourself back to happy times, childhood memories, young love , a memory of people who are no longer with us.  A smell or memory can transport you to that special place……

Share your special place, a lot of happiness in our lives will come from those people who are important to us. Young or old, close by or far flung.  Your happy place may be where ever these people are they are your “happy people”.  Make sure you make the time to be with these people, spend time laughing and making memories.

Our happy places can bring us great joy whether we visit them by ourselves or take loved ones along with us, find your special place and discover the  joy it can bring you.


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