Feed The Birds

Posted by Kerala Moments on February 5, 2019

Feed The Birds

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Bird Feeding during the winter months is vital to the well being and survival of our native species.

Native birds often run low on resources at the end of the winter months,  because when  a harsh frost has frozen the ground or snow has fallen there is little food to be found naturally.

  Migrating birds can also start to arrive towards the end of the month and they can get caught out by a cold and frozen terrain.

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  Hanging a container of sunflower seeds or a fat ball in your garden will make sure that you have feathered visitors all year.   

Ensure your feeders are well loaded with all the good things that they need to survive. 

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 If you have a bird bath in the garden, break the frozen water to give the wildlife the opportunity to take a drink.

Birds love fruit and berries, treat them to an apple or pear, fruit can be grated or cut in half and then hung out so that birds can peck at the flesh.

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