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Posted by Kerala Moments on October 12, 2022

Solo Travel is one of the travel industries growth areas.

More of us are packing our bags and heading off to discover new destination and experiences by ourselves.

Budget Tours IndiaOne in nine travellers reported that they took a holiday on their own last year.

This is double the amount from just a few years earlier.

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Almost one in eight younger travellers travelled by themselves in 2018.

Gap year experiences are now common place with late teens and early twenties heading off into the world.  Many away from home for the first time armed with a backpack and great expectations!  Meeting up with new people, making new friendships and finding new relationships along the way.

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Some may travel solo because that is how they live their lives,  others choosing the solo option and taking time out from their normal lives to  embrace the experience. We all want different things from their precious holiday time.

All ages are now discovering that solo travel can be a very enjoyable and life affirming event.Bespoke Tours of India

If you do not want to travel completely independently there are many options available, join a small group tour or book a “solo” package, meeting up with like minded travellers whilst having the security of a team around you.

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Solo Travel Tips

Be happy in your own company

Be open to new experiences

Research your destination & accommodation

Book organised trips

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Be comfortable in saying no

Make sure you have the correct Insurance

Keep travel documents  on you – take photos of your passport & tickets

Get an agent or accommodation telephone number for emergencies

Let others know where you are

Do not over pack

Welcome others and join in

Stay safe

Enjoy yourself

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