Did You Know??…. Some Kerala Facts

Posted by Kerala Moments on September 2, 2021

Kerala Facts

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You’re considering a holiday to Kerala for the first time and are prepared for the travelling and the clothing you should wear, is there any other helpful information you may need to know?  Here’s some facts on this beautiful area of India:


South India Holidays | Kerala Moments

Smoking ban:

Although you can import up to a 100 cigarettes in India there is in fact a smoking ban.  The difference is: the ban also includes smoking in public although apparently this is not heavily monitored.


There is no public kissing in Kerala!  It’s not an accepted practise and is frowned upon.  Indians are conserved and there had even been a ban on public kissing (PDA) which is now lifted but still not advisable.


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Due to low wages in Kerala, tips are expected there.  The amount to tip is the standard 10% and they are given in any service situation: taxis, hotels, restaurants, tour guides etc.


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Spicy food:

You can expect that many foods in general in Asia are spicy.  Kerala food is medium spicy and many of the general spices used in Asian cooking are grown freshly here.  There are fantastic tours of the plantations, Munnar etc,  they are particularly lovely to visit during hot weather as it’s cooler in the hills.

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