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Posted by Kerala Moments on February 26, 2019

Street Food

 Street food has been around since the 19th century and has become very popular in towns and cities around the world.

 City streets are transformed at dusk,  traders bring out their carts and bicycles and set up their stalls.

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Night markets have become more popular in European cities bringing street food to new audiences.

Because the public are eager to try the tasty dishes the market culture has grown quickly over recent years.

The vendors will usually specialise in one product that they cook to a very high standard.

Most  food is finger food or sold in small bowls with a spoon to eat with.

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The experience of eating on the streets for the first time however can be an assault on the senses.

Sounds of the busy streets mixed with the many different aromas  lead to a heady mix.

The variety of food on offer will be truly amazing and diverse.

 Meats cooked in  a variety of methods, soups, noodles and local specialties.

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Street Food Facts

The vendors on the bustling streets of Bangkok feed  over 40% of the population .

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In some cultures where it is considered rude to eat whilst walking, small tables and plastic chairs will be set out for the diners to eat at.

Street food is mainly very safe to eat because it is cooked well and served up whilst piping hot, however always check and eat at the bust popular stalls.

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The most common street food in the United States of America is the all American hot dog.

Mumbai has over half a million vendors with stalls that are feeding the city on a daily basis.

Brazilian vendors sell  the popular cheese buns called chipá, small baked cheese flavoured rolls.


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Many places around the world have their own variety of meat in bread combination because it is a popular and easy to eat street food.

 Originating from fried strips of potato cooked by a seller on the streets of Paris in the 1800’s,  the humble chip is probably the most eaten street food of all.

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