Clever life hacks: Making your life that little bit easier

Posted by Kerala Moments on April 11, 2018

Clever life hacks: Making life that little bit easier

Whether you are working full-time, studying, a parent, travelling or whatever it is that you do with your time, we all know that it can be hard to complete everyday tasks without a glitch. We have put this blog together to give you some simple yet clever life hacks that can help your days run along that little bit smoother.

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Smelling fabulous! If you would like your clothes to smell fresh for longer pop an unopened bar of soap into each of your drawers.

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Waterproof your shoes. You can waterproof canvas shoes by melting bees wax onto them. First place the bees wax onto the shoe, then use a hairdryer to melt the bees wax.

Dislike sewing? Paint clear nail varnish over the thread holding on your buttons – this way you will never have to sew another button on again… Yay!

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Avoid embarrassment

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Accidentally sent the wrong text message? quickly turn your phone onto aeroplane mode, the text should fail to send and then you can delete… phew!

Save those pennies

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Every penny counts! Although you are saving small amounts this all adds up and the pennies you save could go towards some new shoes, a gadget you’ve been after or that amazing holiday you have been dreaming about. Hacks to save money include the following; using a hair grip at the bottom of the toothpaste to squeeze every drop out, grow your own vegetables and herbs, rather than buying hard back books and struggling to find a spot on the shelf for them e-books can be a cheaper alternative.


Are you tired of a certain colleague or family member pinching your food out of the fridge. You will never have this problem again with this ‘Anti-Theft Bag’!

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 We hope you find these hacks helpful and maybe even get to put some into practice.

Have a great week!

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