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Posted by Kerala Moments on February 14, 2019

 Love Chocolate.

What is it that makes us love chocolate in whatever form it comes in?

Chocolate can be so irresistible and can give you that feeling of well being.


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Some Chocolate Facts

The good news is that it can be good for you.  The smell of chocolate can increase the Theta brain waves that triggers the feelings of relaxation. In moderation chocolate can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. 

Over indulgence however will counter these benefits.

The melting point is 93 Fahrenheit so it is just perfect for that melting in the mouth experience.

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The history of the chocolate bar goes back to 1847. 

The first  bar was made in Britain by Joseph Fry, he pressed a paste made of cocoa powder and sugar into a bar shape.  The  bar was then further developed in 1849 when John Cadbury made his now famous  bar.

Cadbury Dairy Milk is now the United Kingdoms favourite chocolate bar.

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The Cacao bean is native to Central and South America.

It takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one 450g bar.

The worlds largest bar weighed in at a massive 5,792kg.

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Chocolate most commonly comes in dark, milk and white varieties, with cocoa solids contributing to the brown colouration.

Chocolate that contains 100 percent cocoa bean product is only suitable for baking due to its bitterness. 

White chocolate contains no cocoa solids, so is not technically chocolate but it is also the sweetest of the varieties.

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Switzerland is the biggest consumer in the world.

Belgium produces a massive 220,000 tons a year.

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Chocolate even has its own day – 7th July is world chocolate day, but it is ok to love chocolate any day of the year!

Whether it is a chocolate bar, a rich gooey cake or an indulgent hot chocolate, just enjoy.

Remember everything is good in moderation!


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