Strange Locations From Around The World

Strange Locations From Around The World Strange locations exist all around the world.  Therefore we have selected a few of our...Read more

Book with confidence with Kerala Moments

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Cabin Class – Should you upgrade your flight?

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Holiday Type – Whats Yours?

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The Perks of Off-Season Travel – Why Take a Winter Break?

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Travel Guides & Information

What are Travel Guides?Travel guides are a wealth of knowledge and a pictorial feast to encourage you to visit destinations....Read more

Adventure on your doorstep…

Adventure on your doorstep..Of course we all want to go on these fabulous tours of different countries but why no...Read more

How NOT to Travel

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“Where should I travel next?”

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The Benefits of Off-Season Travel

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Holiday Horrors

Holiday HorrorsHere at Kerala Moments we work very hard to make sure your holiday is stress and trouble free.However, not...Read more

Tech for your Travels

Top Tech for your TravelsTechnology has made travelling so much easier. We've rounded up the top tech suitable for all...Read more

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