Eco-Tourism – being a considerate traveler

Eco-tourism is about visiting relatively undisturbed natural areas of the world and leaving again without impacting on the environment, the natural...Read more

Twelve Kerala Sights to See

Twelve Sights to See in KeralaWith its diverse natural landscape Kerala has much to offer.  We have put together the...Read more

Craft Shopping in Kerala|Kerala Moments

Craft Shopping.Part of the charm of Kerala is the unique and diverse nature of the products it produces. As you...Read more

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary|Kerala Moments

Periyar National Wildlife Sanctuary.When you explore Kerala a visit to The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary should be on your to do...Read more

Butterflies of Kerala|Kerala Moments

Butterflies of Kerala."You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly...Read more

Romantic Kerala in Pictures|Kerala Moments

Romantic Kerala.Are you looking for a  honeymoon in India or a romantic get away in Kerala. Kerala has so much to offer.  Idyllic...Read more

A Year In Kerala|Kerala Moments

A Year in Kerala.Kerala is a tropical paradise and  has two distinct seasons and climates, this makes a year in...Read more

Kerala in Pictures|Kerala Moments

Kerala in PicturesKerala is diverse in it's landscapes and culture.    Famous for it's beaches and waterways but Kerala has so much...Read more

Kerala in 2019| Kerala Moments

With the introduction of our new budget range  it is a great time to visit Kerala in 2019.Here are some reasons...Read more

Handshake: A Western Custom only?

The HandshakeThe handshake is predominantly a western world tradition and originated as a gesture of peace (proving you were unarmed).  Now, it's...Read more

Eat Fresh In Kerala This National Fresh Fruit And Veg Month

Happy National Fresh Fruit and Veg MonthIt's national #FreshFruitandVegMonth so it's the perfect time to shed some light on the...Read more

Focus On Kerala This National Photograph Month

Smile! It's National Photograph MonthDo you feel like you're going to snap with stress at work? Need a break? Then...Read more

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