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Posted by Kerala Moments on June 9, 2022

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“You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder”

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Kerala is home to over three hundred species of butterfly; of which thirty seven are native to the Western Ghats.

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A visit to one of the many wildlife sanctuaries within Kerala will find you surrounded by nature.

There are dedicated butterfly parks in Kerala where you can see the brightly coloured species at close quarter.

Thumboormuzhi butterfly park in Thrissur and the  Thenmala butterfly Safari Park in Kollam  are two of the largest.

Malabar Banded Peacock

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The beautiful Malabar Banded Peacock is currently endangered, however it can still be found in the Thattekkad and Idamalayer forests.

Known as the Papilio Buddha, the Malabar Banded Peacock belongs to the Papiliondae family.

Malabar Tree Nymph

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The Malabar Tree Nymph is the largest among the milkweed butterflies, it is also the slowest among all of the  Indian species of butterfly.

Grass Jewel

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The smallest species of Indian butterfly is the Grass Jewel butterfly,  it is to be found fluttering around low growing plants.

Southern Birdwing

The Southern Birdwing butterfly is the largest of all Indian butterflies and is a common sight in Kerala.

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Butterflies go fluttering by
On coloured wings that catch the eye.
Wings of orange, and silvery blue,
On wings of golden yellow, too.
Butterflies float in the air,
Making their homes most anywhere:
The rainforest, field, and prairie land,
On mountaintops, and desert sand.
If winter brings the cold and snow,
To warmer climates, off they go!
Returning home the following spring,
Beautiful butterflies on the wing!

Our Kerala Wildlife & Bird Tour offers the opportunity to discover the diverse nature that Kerala has to offer.

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