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Posted by Kerala Moments on July 23, 2020

Are you missing travelling as much as we are? As things begin to pick up again, booking holidays at the moment may still feel risky. However, booking a holiday with Kerala Moments completely removes that risk as we are a proud member of the Travel Trust Association.

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Have you heard of the Travel Trust Association? The Travel Trust Association, also known as TTA is the only UK travel organisation to offer 100% financial protection to customers. This means that when you book a holiday with a  TTA member, your money is completely secure!

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So how does it work? 

With over 20 years travel experience and over 450 members, the TTA offers customers complete security when they book a holiday. This means that when you book your dream holiday, your money will be sitting in a trust account which is secured by the TTA. No matter how much money your holiday cost you or what service you have booked, you are protected!

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How does this benefit me as a customer?

As a customer, this means you are covered! In the highly unlikely event that Kerala Moments runs into difficulties, your holiday will either still go ahead or you will receive all of your money back. Therefore, the TTA covers you for cancelations, unforeseeable events and unexpected difficulties. Although all of these are extremely unlikely to happen, we want our customers to feel secure when booking with us. Therefore, being a member of the TTA allows you to book with confidence and have peace of mind.


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What if I do not book through a TTA member?

If you book a holiday by yourself and not through a company who is a member of the TTA, you are at a higher risk of losing your money. If you do experience unexpected difficulties when travelling, there is no guarantee that your holiday or your money will be protected. This means you may have to face the costs of cancellations or changes to your itinerary.

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As Kerala Moments is a member of the TTA, you will be able to book your dream holiday with confidence. We offer a variety of tours which we tailor to you. The tours also include your own English speaking driver, who will take you to each of your destinations. Your opportunity awaits you!


Please visit our website to find out more information about visiting Kerala, our tours and our company.


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