Be Beach Ready until Further Notice!

Posted by Kerala Moments on October 16, 2020

Lockdown has meant many people did not travel or have a holiday this year so the good news was there was no need to have your body beach ready!! However, with a long winter ahead now is the time to consider preparing and being holiday-ready for next year. Here are some tips on a healthy ways to be ready to hit the beach…

1. Exercise

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Go for a walk or a run, go swimming or any exercise that you enjoy and know you will stick to.

Any exercise is better than none. Maybe start small like doing a 30-day squat challenge, building up day by day, or increasingly long runs in the morning or evening. Remember it will be really hard at first but keep going at it, because it gets easier every day!


2. Sleep

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Sleep is absolutely essential! Most people need at least 7 hours a night and you may have been spending your evenings partying the night away or getting up early to go on excursions.

Only you know your body and how long you might need to sleep, so listen to your body and go from there. Your first night of good sleep will make you feel instantly better!


3. Diet

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There are lots of tips to improve your diet that won’t have you despairing or starving! You could eat smaller portions and even buy smaller plates and bowls, so your brain is tricked into thinking you are eating the same amount.

Try to avoid eating excessively fatty, sugary, or salty foods and get plenty of fruit, vegetables and sources of fibre. Unfortunately, it may be worth minimising alcohol consumption in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Avoid snacking, but if you feel hungry between meals, try to make yourself some ‘healthy’ snacks like red peppers and hummus or mixed nuts and berries. Treating yourself occasionally is fine and might actually keep you on track!


4. Water

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This is the most important andĀ the easiestĀ tip! Drink as much and as often as you can. Keeping hydrated is the healthiest detox you will ever do!

Now you have your holiday-ready body back, you can relax and look forward to your next trip!

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