Get A Balanced Life Month

Posted by Kerala Moments on January 7, 2019

Can You Balance your life in January?

January is Get a Balanced Life month. So with that in mind what can we all do to get a bit of balance into our lives?

Trying to obtain a life balance can be further exasperated in January.  Balancing the finances as the credit card bills  from  Christmas start to drop through the letterbox, just  to add a bit more stress in January!

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Life is not always easy with the demands of work and family as hard as you try.  Sometimes it feels like everything is working against you. The traffic at a standstill as you are trying to get to work on time.  The phone call just as you are about to walk out of the door. The child who defiantly will not be getting dressed today, we have all had those mornings.

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Then there are those must do jobs that never seem to finish.  The never empty washing basket and the meals that are not going to prepare themselves!

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There always seems to be somebody lined up to take your time however cute!


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Take a moment for you and celebrate Balanced Life Month.

So here are a few simple ideas that do not take to much time or hit the finances to hard, that may help you find some balance and spoil yourself just a little bit.

Indulge in a luxurious bath, add bubbles to the bath and a glass and just shut out the world and relax.

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Take a winter walk, something for the whole family to enjoy together or in total  peaceful  solitude.

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Read a book, even if you are not an avid reader, taking time out to get lost in a book can be a wonderful relaxing experience.

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Treat yourself, take time for meeting up with friends  over a pamper session or a foodie delight .

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Have an early night and enjoy a good nights sleep.

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Whatever you decide to do, make sure you make time for you.

Happy Get a Balanced Life Month

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