Cool Waters of Kerala

There is a misconception that all of India is a bustling, hot, over-populated country. When you think of it you...Read more

Holiday Horrors

Holiday HorrorsHere at Kerala Moments we work very hard to make sure your holiday is stress and trouble free.However, not...Read more

Reducing Plastic Use

You cannot get through a day without hearing about how we all should be reducing our plastic use. This will...Read more

Annoying Bugs & Creepy Crawlies!

Most of us look forward to summer days, alfresco dining and lovely long evenings,  you could be sitting in your garden...Read more

Around the World With Cats

Cats and CakesIf cats playing and relaxing around you while your sat in a cafe sounds like your cup of...Read more

Maidstone Community Mela 2019

Maidstone Community Mela 2019.Free Admission for all of the family.Maidstone Community Mela takes place on the 14th July 2019 Whatman Millennium...Read more

What Makes the Perfect Summer?

We all have our own ideas of what makes the perfect summer, here in the UK we can not take...Read more

Eco-Tourism – being a considerate traveler

Eco-tourism is about visiting relatively undisturbed natural areas of the world and leaving again without impacting on the environment, the natural...Read more

Forever Friends

Forever friends are the family you choose to keep in your life!Friends are an important part of most people’s lives....Read more

Find Your Perfect Colour

Whats my perfect colour?Have you ever struggled to find that perfect colour that suits you and enhances your complexion?Most people...Read more

When Life Gives you Lemons

When life gives you lemons, like the story of the woman who went on a belated anniversary trip with her...Read more

It’s A Dogs Life

It’s a Dog’s Life!Our pampered pooches do really lead a dogs life!Loved and cared for, our pets become very much...Read more

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