Ooty Flower Show

Wonderfully colourful and extravagant - the Ooty Flower ShowThe 122nd annual flower show will take place this weekend at the...Read more

Health benefits of local Spices

Kerala is known for it production of wonderful, fragrant spices. As well as making food taste delicious, many of these...Read more

Time for tea?

In the UK, approximately 165 million cups of tea are made every day! Whats more, aside from water it is the...Read more

Family Holidays to Kerala

Are you planning a family getaway and looking for inspiration? Kerala attracts thousands of tourists every year and offers something...Read more

Royal Wedding Fever!

The wedding day of Prince Harry and his beautiful bride-to-be Meghan Markle is approaching on Saturday 19th May. Celebrations are...Read more

Mastering politeness in different countries | Kerala Moments

As you travel to different countries, you will find that what one culture considers rude will be perfectly acceptable elsewhere....Read more

Monsoon Season Festivals

Kerala... The land of festivals!Almost every week, a festival is held somewhere in Kerala. This is especially true during the...Read more

The key to living your best life

The key to living your best lifeBe kindLive your best life whilst also helping others live theirs! Go out of...Read more

Celebrate the Sun!

The sun is out!! (for the next few days at least!)With the sun streaming in through our windows here at the...Read more

Clever life hacks: Making your life that little bit easier

Clever life hacks: Making life that little bit easierWhether you are working full-time, studying, a parent, travelling or whatever it...Read more

Snake Boat Racing Kerala

Snake Boat RacingSnake Boat racing are numerous popular water events that take place annually on the backwaters of Kerala mainly between July...Read more

How do you celebrate Easter?

In the UK, Easter tends to make people think of a lovely long bank holiday weekend (or two week break...Read more

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