Interesting Flags

A Guide to Interesting FlagsFlags show that we belong to a community, organisation or nation and that we share certain...Read more

Inspirational Travel Quotes We Live By

Inspirational Travel QuotesHere at Kerala Moments we have a passion for travel and we love a good inspirational quote!We've rounded...Read more

Travel bloggers in India you need to follow!

Travel bloggers in India you need to follow!In recent years, blogging has become a great platform for travel influencers to...Read more

How NOT to Travel

How NOT to travelTravel expands our minds and fills our souls, so when we are planning those precious times away,...Read more

Bucket lists: what’s all the hype about?

Bucket listsWant to find out how to live your life to the fullest and avoid regrets? Today's blog is going...Read more

“Where should I travel next?”

"Where should I travel next?"There's so many places to explore... read on to find out where you should travel next!With...Read more

Finding Your Ancestors

Finding your ancestorsAre you curious what your ancestors were like? Where did you get your red hair or your blue...Read more

Recover that beach body!

Recover that beach body!Back from an amazing holiday? We know the drill: you spend the lead up to your holiday...Read more

India – The Good News

Celebrating India Often when watching the news, there only ever seems to be depressing stories to tell - we're here...Read more

The Benefits of Off-Season Travel

The benefits of off-season travelDo you know a really easy way to save money on your holidays every year? Although...Read more

Travel Beauty Hacks

Travel Beauty HacksIt is easy when travelling to get out of your usual beauty routine, so we have put together...Read more

A Nation of Cricket Lovers

England's recent success in the 2019 Cricket World cup has spread joy across the British nation.A nation of cricket lovers...Read more

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