Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary|Kerala Moments

Periyar National Wildlife Sanctuary.When you explore Kerala a visit to The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary should be on your to do...Read more

Airport Lost Property |Kerala Moments

Airport Lost Property.Many obscure items find themselves in airport lost property, however, none more so than the recent find in Saudi...Read more

What Is Your Birthstones|Kerala Moments

Birthstones.Birthstones are represented by a different gem stone for every month of the year.The origin of Birthstones can be traced back...Read more

Butterflies of Kerala|Kerala Moments

Butterflies of Kerala."You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly...Read more

Celebrate Pancake Day| Kerala Moments

Pancake Day!Are you prepared with your eggs, flour and milk to make delicious pancakes to celebrate Pancake day?What is your...Read more

Romantic Kerala in Pictures|Kerala Moments

Romantic Kerala.Are you looking for a  honeymoon in India or a romantic get away in Kerala. Kerala has so much to offer.  Idyllic...Read more

March-Nutrition Month|Kerala Moments

Good Nutrition Month March is National Nutrition Month, Nutrition is key to mental and physical health. A balanced diet is vital to good health...Read more

Getting The Best Flight Deals|Kerala Moments

At Kerala Moments we work with you to create individual and bespoke tours around Kerala.  This gives you the opportunity to...Read more

Delicious Street Food|Kerala Moments

Street Food Street food has been around since the 19th century and has become very popular in towns and cities around...Read more

Discovering Solo Travel|Kerala Moments

Solo Travel - A Growth Industry.Solo Travel is one of the travel industries growth areas.More of us are packing our...Read more

Most Unusual Pets|Kerala Moments

Unusual Pets.Pets become part of the family, some people look to keep the strangest and most exotic of pets rather...Read more

A Year In Kerala|Kerala Moments

A Year in Kerala.Kerala is a tropical paradise and  has two distinct seasons and climates, this makes a year in...Read more

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