History of Kerala Moments

Since 2006 our Managing Director Elaine Craven has travelled annually to Kerala in India. This unique, idyllic place captivated her and she was hooked! Elaine became so familiar with the country and culture during her tours of India that she completely immersed herself in Kerala.

The next natural step for her was to share this knowledge and help others plan their dream trip to India. Elaine will offer advice on the best experiences of Kerala; excursions, travel and accommodation.


Elaine Craven
Diana Williams

Our Team

Our Kerala Experts

With a team of experienced travel consultants, Kerala Moments specialises in advising bespoke tours of southern India. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, we will work personally to recommend how you can create your own special trip to this beautiful and diverse region of the world.

Our team regularly visits India to maintain relationships with our favourite hotels, to keep our local knowledge fresh, and to discover new experiences that ensures our customers are receiving the best possible advice on their trips. Contact us for free Expert Kerala Travel Advice.

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